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by Anna Stereopoulou

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Aspro Amore 08:39
Cento Sonetti d'Amore di Pablo Neruda; Sonetto III [Italian translation] [Sung] Aspro amore, viola coronata di spine, cespuglio tra tante passioni irto, lancia dei dolori, corolla della collera, per che strade e come ti dirigesti alla mia anima? Perchè precipitasti il tuo fuoco doloroso, d'improvviso, tra le foglie fredde della mia strada? Chi t'insegnò i passi che fino a me ti portarono? Quale fiore, pietra, fumo ti mostrarono la mia dimora? [Recited] Certo è che tremò la notte paurosa, l'alba riempì tutte le coppe col suo vino e il sole stabilì la sua presenza celeste, mentre il crudele amore m'assediava senza tregua finche lacerandomi con spade e con spine aprì nel mio cuore una strada bruciante. ~ ~ ~ One Hundred Love Sonnets by Pablo Neruda; Sonnet III: Bitter Love [English translation] [Sung] Bitter love, a violet with its crown of thorns in a thicket of spiky passions, spirit of sorrow, corolla of rage: how did you come to conquer my soul? What via dolorosa brought you? Why did you pour your tender fire so quickly, over my life’s cool leaves? Who pointed the way to you? What flower, what rock, what smoke showed you where I live? [Recited] Because the earth shook—it did—, that awful night; then dawn filled all the goblets with its wine; the heavenly sun declared itself; while inside, a ferocious love wound around and around me— till it pierced me with its thorns, it sword, slashing a seared road through my heart.
"Σωπαίνω" Καλπάζω, Μάη μου σ’ ορίζω Πάλλομαι σαν μια χορδή Κι αυτό που μένει είναι να ζήσω Το όνειρο που έπλασα, μοιάζει νά ‘ναι όνειρο Η ηχώ της μελωδίας μονότονα ηχεί Δε θα σ’ αγαπήσω Γαληνεύω......θα ξημερώσει......σωπαίνω... Άννα Στερεοπούλου | Λονδίνο, Μάϊος 2002 - - - - - - - - - - "I Keep SIlent" I'm galloping, my May, I command you I am vibrating like a string And what is left is to live The dream I formed, seems to be a dream The echo of the melody sounds monotonously I will not love you I calm......dawn will come......I keep silent... Anna Stereopoulou | London, May 2002
Lyrics are taken from Anna Stereopoulou's: 1. Questionnaire shared along her 'rho ~ ῥῶ' composition (2016), 2. 'electron' project texts. Ανάμνηση ή Όνειρο; Ερώτηση ή Απάντηση; Θάνατος ή Ζωή; Noise = Calming or Masking? Womb = Safety or Imprisonment? Obstacle = Restriction or Challenge? Start = Crickets or Cicadas? Memory or Dream? Death or Life? Question or Answer? Noise = Calming? [Whispers, voices, outcries...] The volume gradually increases and it finally knocks on your door. Will you open? You are just a few millimeters away from your pulse. A simple click on the switch and the entry into your anechoic chamber is filled with light by every liquid step of yours. Will you open? Θα ανοίξεις;
Cochlea 09:32
Poem is available to Read (in Greek and English), here: https://issuu.com/annastereo/docs/_core__anna_stereopoulou/26


“Whispers, voices, outcries...
The volume gradually increases and it finally knocks on your door. Will you open?”

The theme-based project / album "electron" [ἤλεκτρον – ḗlektron] is the 5th solo album by Anna Stereopoulou. The work is inspired -on a scientific basis- by the structure and function of the Human Ear & the Balance of Body, whilst its main aim is the flow of the inner energy of the audience-spectators, having as parallel source of inspiration the elements of Water & Electric Spark / Power, as well as those of Sound & Light (i.e. Cochlea’s & Labyrinth’s function – Inner Ear).
With Piano as its core instrument, frequently enriched with Electronic rhythms – ambiance and Poetry, the music is influenced by various genres -such as Musique Concrète, Drum’n’Bass, Classical, Jazz, Dubstep, Fado, Techno and other- and draw the course into a labyrinth, which gradually becomes and unfolds more and more bright, via its visual translation.

“A mind game that aims to reach the moment you discover the key within your own hand..!”

Full Info + Press Release: annastereoscopic.wordpress.com/2017/11/23/electron-2017-anna-stereopoulou/
Berlin Premiere @ 'Ohrenhoch' [Jan/Feb 2018]: wp.me/p2zRWp-Rr


released November 23, 2017

Production: Anna Stereopoulou©2017
Composed between 1998 - 2017
Recorded between 2002 - 2017 [AEAEA Studio, Athens, GR
Recordings + Field Recordings: Anna Stereopoulou [2011, 2017
Mastering: Dadoo BigDadoo [November 2017
Album B+W Photography + Layout by annAStereo
A STEREOSCOPIC perspective of Music & Art ©
©all rights reserved | annastereoscopic.wordpress.com/about/

Release Date -November 23- honours the birthday of inspirational Italian composer /pianist and friend, Ludovico Einaudi.

Acoustic + Electric Piano, Analogue Synthesizers, VST, Recitations, Vocals: Anna Stereopoulou
Electric Guitar on Track 2: Tassos Spiliotopoulos (2002)
Track 6 (excerpt) and 9: Original Recording (2002) performed by Jon Hassall (Alto Saxophone), Terje Evensen (Drums), Georgia Kyriakidou (Keyboard), Anna Stereopoulou (Piano), Becky Welsh (Double Bass)
Percussion (Cajón) on Track 7: Demi Garcia Sabat [excerpt of original recording (2003)]
Male Recitation on Tracks 3 + 8: Felix Metzger (2017)

Research, Texts /Poetry, Compositions, Orchestration, Sound Production: Anna Stereopoulou
Poetry on Track 1: One Hundred Love Sonnets by Pablo Neruda; Sonnet III
Texts at Track 8: Anna Stereopoulou, Dr. Aias Theodoros Papastavrou (about the Ear Structure in Greek), Orphic Hymn 86 (dedicated to Oneiros), Heraclitus quote on (Waters') Flux


all rights reserved



Anna Stereopoulou Greece

A STEREOSCOPIC perspective of Music & Art©

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